Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Back, Redux

Ok, so after all the upgrades in the last post, I neglected to mention the biggest--moving! We're in a good, solid, owned house again, after years of renting. Ok, no, I did not buy the house. Cowboying and photography don't pay near enough (yet) to afford anything that isn't a cardboard box on Colfax out here in Denver, so Sawyer and I are still playing the part of entrepreneurial moochers with my parents. I get a fair amount of grief from various persons over that, who think I'm just sitting on my ass with a hand out. That's so far from the truth I can't even being to laugh enough. There's something to be said for swallowing one's pride in exchange for getting out of debt and being able to start from a clean slate, versus barely treading the financial waters just to have something for appearances sake. To each their own though. For the time being, I'm enjoying all the flowers and the waterfall that we have in the backyard. Ready made backdrop once it all gets fully put together!

There was a big Harley event called Colorado Hog Rally the other week and I went to go set up a booth. The weather was being, well, Colorado weather, sunny one minute, raining with gale winds the next, then back again, so the amount of bikes that came out was much smaller than anticipated. There were still some interesting characters, such as the guy who owned the below bike. He also had airbrushed on part of the Declaration of Independence onto his tank and affixed a plaque with the Founding Father's Oath of Service. Then proceeded to show me the copy of the Constitution he liked to hand out to people, point out his signature that he had added and then say that either he was really old, or it was as much of a fake as Obama's birth certificate. That's where the smile, nod and walk away comes in really handy.

 What a Tea Party member likes to ride.

The advertising for the vendor section was pretty non-existent as well, but we all made our own fun regardless.

I got to swoon over this wee adorabeagle!

And because there was so much free time, I started playing around with the token baby and seeing if I could get anything decent for her being of the two-legged human variety. 

Most Chill Baby Ever Award goes to...

Baby blues

Two days in a tent, in the heat, with a ton of bikes and commotion and I never heard one fussing squall out of her. If I could somehow copy/clone this kid for my own, I might be a little more persuaded to change my position on spawning.

Between moving, riding, networking and trying to steal some time with Ted the Engineer Boyfriend, I haven't gotten to spend a lot of time with Sawyer. We did manage to make it out to the huge park up north for the Solstice.

 I swear that is his coat blowing in the wind that's making him look so big/fat/fluffy

We had a nice surprise waiting for us.


In the two-ish years I've been going to this park, I have yet to see a drop of water in the canal. Sawyer was well chuffed at the change though, because that meant not only did he have the muddy pond to jump into, he could dive off the bank and splash through to get to the other side. 

I'm a wet dog!

Wet dogs with longer coats make funny.


Especially when they multi-task

The Summer of Getting Into Shape is going well. Saddling up 27 horses does wonders for the arms, mounting a tall horse is making my left leg look awesome and hiking is attempting to make my right leg match the left. Frisbee is taking care of my core, what with all the sprinting and cutting and running and dying from lack of oxygen thanks to you forgetting where you put your working pair of lungs...but that's getting better as well. I bet if I went back to Kansas and played, I'd run circles around everyone. Hooray altitude! Anyway, as soon as I figure out how to stop being radioactive white (i.e. I glow and throw off the white balance in photos right now, especially since my arms are really tan but the rest of me...is not.), I think I can feel good about being in a bikini again.

I should have more Aussie puppy pictures on Thursday, as I'm going up to Ft. Collins to photograph a friend's newest addition. We're trading photos and tilapia for beer and more beer, maybe some organ meats or some other such things. Raw is so much fun to feed, just because I like grossing people out. My new neighbors can't quite figure out what to think when Sawyer comes trotting out of the house with half a chicken in his mouth and just nonchalantly lays down and starts gnawing on it.

I'm easily amused, what can I say?

At least I didn't go through with my devious plan to use the baby to give a friend a heart attack...

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