Monday, November 7, 2011


I've got Sentimental Cider in the warmer tonight, so the house smells like mulled cider and it's making me feel the need to jump on the gratitude bandwagon. At least for this post. And mostly because I can feel gratitude again--I have wicked awful PMS to begin with and when you toss in the change of seasons to a colder, darker variety, it's compounded into something that makes me Hate All of the Things.

Basically, I have Daleks for hormones.

It also doesn't help that I'm going through riding withdrawl. It's hard to compare a weekend trail ride with my summer job of trail guiding, where I'm on a horse about 70 hours a week. But, this post is about good things, so here we go.

1) I have a part-time job again! I don't often like to have "real jobs" because I'm just not the type of person who can be happy sitting under fluorescent lighting all day. I've got ADD, sitting still is just Not A Good Thing. So, the magic fix is to get active jobs involving animals, such as the riding,l or, in this case, a doggy daycare/boarding resort. And as an even bigger bonus, it's one I would actually feel comfortable leaving Sawyer at if the need arose. I got spoiled by the last boarding resort I worked for and hadn't found one to measure up to those standards since I moved to Colorado.

"Why you put me in boarding? I'm part of your baggage!"

It's part-time, so I've still got the ability to networking and do shoots, edit, have a social life, all that jazz. And I can bring Sawyer. And they offer health insurance. WIN.

2) My photography. It helps take my mind of stuff and is pretty much on the same level as riding when it comes to Zen Therapy. Plus, photoshoots are fun! I had the opportunity to shoot a new friend I met through networking and her Mach5 of a chihuahua on Sunday.

One second she was standing still, posing and then right before we threw her toy for her, she decided the ducks looked like a better idea. At another point, she simply decided mere running was too slow and activated flight mode.

"Houston, we are go for launch."

And things that I'm not going to put up pictures for but am obscenely grateful to have in my life anyway, Ted and my friends. They help make a bad day better, they're there to cheer good news, give encouragement, offer constructive criticism and just plain make my life better for them being a part of it.

Ted gets extra bonus points for snogging. Lots...of bonus points.

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