Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have photos now. Photos are cool.

Yes yes, shut up, I know it's been another three-month hiatus from posting but I've been sucked into the glamerous-ish grind of car sales and my life is no longer my own. Or I just haven't felt like taking the time. You pick. Go with the option that makes you feel the best, because as we all know, I"m all about the warm fuzzies.

"Lies. Lies and slander."

Please ignore the Pirate Pants Peanut Gallery, he's mad because I make him go for boring runs that involve not ripping my arm out of the socket to go chase rabbits.


Oh yeah, I run now. Running is cool.

Not having clothes that fit anymore is less cool, but it's cool they're all too big, right? Right. Moving on...

So anyway, car sales (finding my footing), re-joining the ranks of the Swingin' Single (God this is weird) and getting ready to move out of Les Parentals (another step in I'm A Real Adult Now Land). 

"You're taking away my back yard. Bitch."

But there are kitties where we're going...


"Kitties are my favorite. I like to hug them and squeeze them and pet them and call them George."

Another little update: There was an unfortunate gravity-induced incident that resulted in the violent death of the D80, so I've been borrowing my parent's D40 (the above pictures) and then begging the use of the D300 that belongs to one of the finance managers. I almost feel like there are too many buttons on that camera. The learning curve is steep like WHOA. I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about it, but I did get to use it for the Supermoon that happened earlier this month.

And the final piece of news: I HAVE A GALLERY SHOWING. Someone is crazy enough to want to put my photos up on their wall and charge money to other people who want to take them home. O_O

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