Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh hey, look, an update!

This summer was basically one big time-eating black hole, which meant that the blog was one of the first things to languish. And instead of trying to explain everything that went on, I'll try and summarize in 10 pictures or less.

I decided to go play cowboy

Saw more sunrises than I ever though I'd see in my life

This is Hank, the Evil Red Horse. He threw me like the second week I rode him. I got some "extreme exfoliation" on my forehead from the sand, but that was about it. We became buddies after that. 

Tried to spend as much time with Sawyer and friends as possible.

 Tried to keep up with the whole hiking thing.

Started my own pet photography business!

Tormented the dog some more with the camera

Trying to eat the souls of small children out of the ether. Or catching popcorn. Whatever. 

And became rather attached (and not just by the lips) to a certain very special guy. Pardon the whole swimsuit thing, this was from waterskiing and one of the few times I wasn't the one holding the camera. 

So there you have it! "What I did on my summer vacation." Obviously I took a billion more pictures than I put here, but those will be for a later post.

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