Monday, March 7, 2011

It was a good weekend

Maybe it's a manic phase, maybe it's just being happy that I can move almost like normal again, I don't really care. All I know is that last night I had a $1000+ sales party with a Passion Party and I woke up this morning full of vim and vigor and got right down to work.

Accomplishments of the weekend:

  •  Made it to the First Friday Art Walk, schmoozed with some artists, realized that what is getting put up in galleries and selling for a decent amount of cash isn't so much different from my work and in many cases, involved significant amounts of Photoshop. Also, was introduced to a Very Important Contact as far as getting my stuff put up. As in, Director of Art something or other...I was in the midst of a horrible muscle spasm and extreme amounts of pain while we were talking, so some details are a bit blurry. I did get her card though!
  • Got pulled over doing 18 mph over because I didn't realize the stupid HHR was going as fast as it was. It's so weird how you learn to sort of tell the speed your going by the feel of the car? Haven't figured that one out yet for this thing and don't really intend to since it's a rental. Why is this good? I got off with a warning even though the officer originally told me I was getting a ticket. No, I didn't flirt or flash my way out of that one. I was in too much pain at the time and just wanted to go lie down with some sort of drug, preferably the bottle of red wine I had in the back seat. My streak of never getting a speeding ticket remains unbroken! *knockonwood*
  • Had that bottle of red wine in the company of Engineer Boyfriend, which did wonders for both physical and mental healing. Things are just better when we're together and we haven't gotten to see each other nearly enough lately, between me being crippled and him doing the whole Master's Degree thing. I can't wait until Spring Break two weeks from now when we're taking a very long road trip together! 

  • Spent most of it basking in the warmth of EB's regard, enjoying a good bowl of pho and watching EB repot a bunch of his plants. He has a lot of them. I think it's incredibly sexy. 
  • Had an amazing party, even if I did mess up on the time and show up an hour late. I love earning multiple hundreds of dollars in just a couple of hours for what basically boils down to girl talk!
  • Went to the bank like a muthafarkin' ADULT!
  • Placed all the orders last night before the specials ran out
  • Finished editing the photos from the Pug Tune-up the other week--FINALLY. Between my back going "fuck you" to the idea of sitting upright for more than brief periods of time and the muscle relaxers giving coherency the finger, these took a LOT longer than they normally do. Everyone was very understanding of the circumstances though.
  • Did my laundry
  • CLEANED ALL THE THINGS (i.e. my room AND cleaned the bathroom as well!)
  • Found $5 in the process. Seriously. 
  • Even loaded the dishwasher--this was all before noon, mind you. I felt like I deserved a medal. Doing much of anything before noon (like getting out of bed) is usually a cause for celebration, never mind being productive!
  • Decided to take the better part of the day off, hung out over at a friend's house, got my hair cut and lounged around watching Tosh.O for the first time, with a steady supply of Bloody Mary's and White Russians in tow.
  • Booked another rescue for photos AND got them set up for a Scentsy fundraiser! If you're looking for a way to do some good and get some tangible good out of it, this is a good way to do it. I'll post the link tomorrow to the online party. 
  • Wrote this blog!
And now that I just realized 2am is rapidly encroaching and I have an 11am business enhancement lunch thingy, I should probably go to bed. LIKE AN ADULT.

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