Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I do what I do

Many times during networking, I get asked what is my favorite part of my job. On days like today where I woke up to 6 inches of snow, it's being able to stay home in my slippers if I want, unless I feel like going out to photograph the new scenery. But one of my other favorite things is getting to bring a smile to someone's face and to help them in some small way.

I did a photoshoot earlier this month for a family and their five dogs. Yes, I said five. They have a couple of their own and some long term fosters as well, so they all came out to Cherry Creek Park and we had ourselves a fine time.

Autumn the Chessie/Shepherd mix

 Orpheus the Lab was in Heaven with all the water still in the streambed.

 Satchel leading the charge

Sinister the Rhodesian/Rottie/? mix. He is teh awesomesauce!

And then there was the grand patriarch of the family, Mozzie. Mozzie had a very rough go of life for a very long time before he ended up with Mile High Weim Rescue and this family. Then he was so pampered he didn't know what to do, except rule the house.

Old dog smiles rule

What made this shoot so special? Because Mozzie had a bunch of health issues and that included not being able to walk very far for very long. But luck smiled on him and us that day and he had a blast through the hour, even making it down into the riverbed with everyone else. He was having a Very Good Day.
Mozzie loves his mama

Because I'm friends with his family on Facebook, I was privy to the updates following this shoot. Mozzie had a great night that night. The following morning he wasn't feeling too hot. It progressed through the day and got worse each day afterwards. Trips to the vet to see if there was more medication to give him, something to help ease the vomiting, anything. 

Mozzie was helped over the Bridge about four days after this shoot. 

What makes me happy about this is that I am able to give his family picture proof of his last good day, complete with smiles. 

It's the little things that make me love my job.

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